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Tim Stanley


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Tim Stanley is a historian who writes leaders and a column for the Daily Telegraph. His major interests are US history and the interplay between popular culture and politics.

He has also contributes to BBC News, Sky, BBC Breakfast, Channel 4 News, Channel 5 News, and CNN and regularly contributes to Thought for the Day on Radio 4.

Tim has appeared on many shows to discuss political issues such as Question Time, Newsnight and BBC3's Free Speech.

In 2012, he made a documentary for BBC2 called Family Guys: What Sitcoms Say About America Now, which explored what US sitcoms tell us about the state of America's families, race relations and gay rights.

Tim completed a BA, MPhil and PhD at Cambridge in Modern American History, taught at Oxford and did research at Harvard. He has published three books and edited a collection of essays. His latest book, Citizen Hollywood: How the Collaboration between LA and DC Revolutionized American Politics is out in Summer 2014.

His writing has been published globally in the Washington Post, Dissent and Le Monde.

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Tim's website is www.timothystanley.co.uk

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