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Greg Jenner


About Greg Jenner

Greg Jenner is a British public historian with a particular interest in communicating history through pop culture and humour.

Greg co-presented two series of Inside Versailles (a 10-part historical companion piece to BBC Two's lavish drama series Versailles) and was a panellist on BBC Two's The Great History Quiz. He is also a regular voice on national radio and podcasts.

Greg is the Historical Consultant to CBBC’s multi-award-winning Horrible Histories and the author of A Million Years In A Day: A Curious History of Ordinary Life, From Stone Age To Phone Age – an entertaining gallop through the evolution of our daily routines.

After studying at the University of York, Greg abandoned dreams of a PhD in Medieval Literature and instead dedicated his career to wrestling with issues of accuracy in historical entertainment. In the past decade, he has worked in various roles on documentaries, dramas, comedies, and digital interactive projects. He is a passionate advocate for public history, and does some guest teaching at Royal Holloway and York Universities.

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