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Aldo Kane is an Adventurer & former Royal Marines Commando Sniper. He has been working in the TV and Film industry for the last 7 years both on and off screen. Aldo is the man behind the man, if you’ve ever watched any extreme, hostile or remote TV over the last few years; you’ve seen his work. He recently appeared onscreen on the hit BBC Two series “Down the Mighty River with Steve Backshall”. He also featured in the epic BBC series “Extreme Mountain Challenge” also with Steve Backshall.

Aldo Became a Commando at the age of 16 then went on to become one of the youngest Snipers in the armed forces at the time, 10 years at the pointy end of Elite British Forces has given him a specifically unique skillset. Working operationally all over the world from this young age he has become a survival expert in the jungle, desert, arctic, and mountains, even at sea.

Recently Aldo was part of a world record-breaking team that was the first to ever row from Mainland Europe to Mainland South America. There isn’t an environment that Aldo is not comfortable in.

Aldo's TV work has seen him working in some of the worlds most remote and hostile environments from scaling huge cliffs, diving for pirate treasure, exploring deep jungle caves and driving half way round the world. Aldo is a qualified supervisor in many extreme activities, which have made him well placed to advise productions both on and off screen. Recently Aldo has appeared on screen with Vicky Butler Henderson on Fifth Gear, The Gadget Show, Discovery’s Driven To Extremes with Tom Hardy, Henry Cavil and Adrien Brody.

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