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Hallie Rubenhold


About Hallie Rubenhold

Hallie Rubenhold is a social and cultural historian whose area of expertise lies in the history of London, the criminal underworld, and the history of sex, between 1600 – 1900.

She is a critically acclaimed author of both historical non-fiction and fiction and has appeared as an expert contributor on many programmes, both for UK and International networks.

Most recently Hallie has been a panellist on the BBC Four museum-based quiz Show, The Quizeum, hosted by Griff Rhys Jones and her first book 'Lady Worsley's Whim' was dramatised for BBC One as 'The Scandalous Lady W'.

For BBC Four: Harlots, Housewives and Heroines, a series examining the history of women in the 17th century, The Beauty Of Maps, the documentary series looking at maps in incredible detail, The Ages of Excess: When Britain Went too Far, a documentary which looks back at Britain during the 18th century, a time of sexual excess and liberation and the film magazine show, The Cinema Show.

For Channel 4: We Built Titanic, the challenge to rebuild integral parts of the legendary ship and The Untold Great Fire.

For BBC2: History Cold Case, the series which sees skeletons of everyday people from across the ages analysed in staggering detail and the word-hunting programme, Balderdash and Piffle ‘X'-Rated.

For Sky Living TV / Yesterday TV / History Channel: the paranormal series, Living with the Dead, Mud Men, which explores the archaeology of the River Thames, Find My Past, which features ordinary people’s quests to learn about their extraordinary ancestors.

Hallie will be seen later this year in MSNBC’s Haunted London, and History Channel Canada’s Red Hot History, profiling the life of Casanova.

In 2006 the BBC created a 30-minute documentary entitled The Harlots Handbook based on Hallie’s book The Covent Garden Ladies which was broadcast as part of BBC4’s The Century That Made Us season. As the presenter of the documentary, Hallie took the audience on a journey through the dark streets of the Georgian underworld.

Hallie has also been a consultant and historical expert advising on dramas such as The Harlot’s Progress and City of Vice on Channel 4.

Hallie has spent much of her life between the UK and the US. She received her B.A. in History from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and an M.A. in British History and History of Art from the University of Leeds. Remaining at Leeds, she embarked on her studies for a PhD and later completed her thesis on the subject of marriage and child-rearing in the eighteenth century.  She has worked as a curator at the National Portrait Gallery, as an art dealer, and has taught history and history of art (c. 1660 – 1830) for a number of British and American academic institutions.

For more information see her website: www.hallierubenhold.com

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