Donna Bernard

Donna Bernard


About Donna Bernard

Donna Bernard is an experienced and an award-winning journalist. She is currently an anchor on London-based global channel Arise News.

Donna previously co-presented the popular BBC TV series '999' and '999 Lifesavers' with Michael Buerk, the BBC Two series 'Trust Me I'm A Doctor', the late night media show 'On Air', which she co-presented with David Aaronovitch, and the BBC One daytime show 'What Now?', co-presented with Edwina Currie.

She also reported for GMTV, setting up and running GMTV's New York bureau, where her responsibilities included covering news stories such as the death of J.F. Kennedy Jnr, interviews with A-listers like Julia Roberts and Madonna, and show business items like Elton John making his debut on Broadway with 'Lion King'.

Donna recently returned to her journalistic roots during a stint as Chief Reporter for Midwest Radio in Dorset, prompting her boss, Chris Carnegy (now Managing Editor at BBC Solent), to describe her flair for getting local exclusives as 'a triumph'. She has also worked in Bristol, near her home base in the West Country, on the ITV West consumer show, 'Biteback'.

Donna's other skills include a qualification as a personal trainer and expertise in nutrition - interests that were put to good use when she worked on ITV's 'Lorraine' show covering fitness and beauty.

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