Conferences And Speakers

Professional Conference and After Dinner Speakers, Facilitators and Lecturers

We have the most experienced conference facilitators, speakers and lecturers undertaking engagements worldwide.

Our presenters regularly chair conferences and seminars covering a wide range of subjects - business and financial, the environment, medical, the arts, and world affairs. These include Sian Williams, Michael Buerk, Samira Ahmed, Nina Hossain, Louise Minchin, Jon Snow, and Cathy Newman. Peter Frankopan, author of the global best selling The Silk Road lectures in the UK, Europe, China and the Far East, is amongst our foremost after dinner speakers.

Business journalists and campaigning journalists are in demand to chair seminars and discussions on consumer affairs, personal finance and the current economic situation. These include Adam Shaw, Liam Halligan, Juliet Mann, Tim Sebastian, Professor John Dickie, Harry Wallop and Alice Beer.

On the international circuit to name a few - Tim Sebastian, Adam Boulton, Professor John Dickie and Professor Peter Frankopan.

Our world renowned historians conduct keynote speeches at conferences and private events. These include Dominic Sandbrook, Professor Kate Williams, Professor Suzannah Lipscomb, Professor Peter Frankopan and Professor Michael Scott. We are particularly strong on scientists and communication experts, including, Judi James and Scott Solder.

Many of our presenters host a wide variety of awards ceremonies - Angela Rippon, Jennie Bond, Lucrezia Millarini, Dani Sinha and Jon Snow regularly present a broad range and Tom Dyckhoff and Piers Taylor (architecture and design), and Lara Lewington (technology/gadgets) all host speciality awards.

Medical is important to us with our doctors Dr Ravi Jayaram, Dr Saleyha Ahsan, Dr Helen Lawal and Dr Ellie Cannon. Angela Rippon is well known for her work on Alzheimers, and Sian Williams who has a Professional Doctorate of Counselling Psychology is also a trained Trauma Assessor.

Here are some of the many companies we have the pleasure to work with.


Deloitte EE Fairtrade Foundation
Carnival Price Waterhouse Cooper Tesco
Tata Steel Oracle Canon
Virgin HSBC Royal Mail
ebay IGD Axa
Ernst Young British Airways Heineken
Google Sainsburys Disney
Unilever Samsung Barilla
RBS Retail Week Man Utd
Zurich John Lewis Vodafone
Investec BP Cineworld
Accenture World Bank Microsoft